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Herberg Boven de Linde

History of the Inn

The Inn is located above Cafe Onder de Linde. The Cafe consists of three smaller monumental buildings that have been transformed into one: Groenmarkt 9 and Appelmarkt 15 and 16. The three smaller buildings were built in 1530, after the great fire of 1520 in Amersfoort’s inner city centre. This fire destroyed all wooden houses surrounding the Saint George (Sint Joris) church that you can view from within the Inn. The municipality of Amersfoort ordered that after the fire only stone houses could be placed. From 1755 onwards the Cafe was called Onder de Lindeboom (on Appelmarkt 15) which was later on changed to Onder de Linden or Onder de Linde.

The original mandate house is located on Groenmarkt 9. Is it built in brick stones with blind windows surrounded by decoratively shapes bricks. The upper part of the façade is split in three with an attachment in the middle and small pillars. This original design of the façade has been restored since 1941 and has connected the three buildings. This can be seen in the Inn in all the sneak stairs and small entryways on every floor.

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The present

Due to the growing popularity of Amersfoort among national and international tourists the current owner of the Café decided to transform the apartment on the upper floors into an Inn. The conversations with organizations concerning cultural heritage and monuments started in 2018 to enable the preservation of the historical building. A plan to build an accommodation suitable for a maximum of 9 people was formed and the first rebuilding started in 2019.

Visit our beautiful and historical city centre with your party of family, friends or other company. Stroll around the narrow streets, discover the interesting shops and enjoy the many culinary treats the city offers. Get a whim of the hospitality of Amersfoort’s citizens and feel at home in this gorgeous city!

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